Hi! I'm Elle, the face behind Pretty Steep Jewellery. I want to share with you my story - and why I created Pretty Steep.

Pretty Steep creates mountain-inspired jewellery for free-spirited, adventurous souls. OKAY, but what does that really mean? It’s more than that. It’s about taking a leap of faith, getting out and doing the things that scare you, because you know it’s what brings you alive.

For me, that’s being creative in the mountains. It’s leaving my life in London and moving to BC, it’s going into the backcountry for adventures, it’s having the freedom to walk my dog in the forest on a Monday morning and it’s starting a business that’s my own. It’s the scariest actions that pay off in the long run, and you’ll never regret trying.

When I was younger, I’d occasionally escape the UK for the Alps and I was in AWE of the mountains and the lifestyle. Time seemed to slow down and priorities changed - it was a different world! The overwhelming smell of the forest and the soundlessness of the snow was unforgettable. Those are the moments that stuck with me.

Skip to 2008 and I was a fresh graduate of Graphic Design. Despite the recession, I got a great job in advertising (foosball table and all!) working on global brands. It was a dream job, yet a few years later I craved getting back to my mountain dream.

With a fascination of jewellery, I took a silversmithing course and fell in love with designing and creating in silver. For four years I juggled design and jewellery. Eventually, all the signs pointed to making a commitment - and Pretty Steep was born!

My goal with Pretty Steep jewellery is to create keepsakes of moments that make us feel alive. The pieces are reminders that give courage to face the scary things and take the leap of faith.

What I'm loving right now

Heading into Winter, my fav collection is the "Black Diamonds are Forever" Ski & Snowboard necklaces.

The ski slopes captured my heart back when I was a kid and occasionally visited the Alps. The warm sunshine on cold, snowy day, the endless smiles and the cozy fires in the perfect log buildings. My Dad made me a keepsake on my 16th birthday to remind me of those times - a ski-shaped pendant.

I wanted to create a replica for Pretty Steep, so you too can keep your winter mountain memories with you, always!

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