What makes Pretty Steep different

  1. Unique jewellery, designed by Elle. All PS pieces start with an idea, to drawings, to CAD, to casting & finished by hand!
  2. Every piece is inspired by mountain life in BC, Canada. That means there's meaning behind each design.
  3. At Pretty Steep, people and the planet (and dogs!) come first! See below for important deal-breakers for me.
  • People

    Customers, suppliers and employees are all an important part of the process - that's why I do my best to put people first. Ethical stone sourcing, fair pay and strong customer service are all areas I strive to excel in.

  • Sustainability

    My goal is to make Pretty Steep as sustainable as possible. To eliminate waste, packaging is kept to a minimum and is either reusable, recyclable or long-lasting. Rather than plastic, each piece comes in a drawstring storage bag.

  • Usability

    Pretty Steep jewellery is made with Sterling Silver. It's long-lasting and hypoallergenic and with proper care it will shine bright forever! When designing a piece, I consider how comfortable and wearable it will be so you don't have to take it off!

How to Care for your Jewellery

Part of the charm of Sterling silver is that it can tarnish. Read our care section to find out how to prevent it